5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make When Selling Your Home

Don’t turn off potential buyers! Even in a hot market, you could be your own worst enemy. If you’re looking to sell take every step to make sure your home sells.


Many people overestimate the value of their homes. There are so many factors that come into play when pricing a property, it’s important to remember that just because a neighbor’s home sold for $200,000 your home might not meet that same value.

“Pricing is the number one reason a home doesn’t sell in a timely manner, or at all. If a home sits on the market for too long due to being overpriced, some buyers will assume something is wrong with the home and not consider it.” says Buffalo First agent Lauren Arnone.

Your best option when approaching this issue is to listen to your real estate agent’s pricing suggestion. They are experienced and have done their research to make sure your home will sell for top dollar within its value range.

Bad Presentation

Visuals are the best way to get prospective buyers through the door! Making sure your home is clean and photographed well is extremely important. Ask your real estate agent to send you the photos that will be used to market your property. If you feel they are not an accurate representation of your home’s potential, ask your agent about the possibility of having a professional photographer come and take the photos, or consider using a staging company. Staging your home can help garner higher offers on your home, so many times the added expense is well worth it.

Not Budging On Price

Flexibility is key when you decide to sell your property. Even if the price is right, you may have to compromise when settling on a final sale price. This is especially true when the market shifts to a buyer’s market. If you receive an offer that’s below list price, you should at least consider making a counteroffer. After all, receiving slightly less for your house than what you wanted is a small concession in the long term.


Showings or open houses are a time for prospective buyers to walk through and see if your home fits their image of what their home could be. It can be hard for buyers to make that association if the current resident is present during the showing. They might feel self conscious speaking about updates or changes they’d like to make for fear of insulting or upsetting you. Remember, the goal is to sell the home, so making buyers comfortable is extremely important. The best course of action is to let a real estate agent guide them through the home.  This way questions can be asked and concerns can be dealt with in a open and honest way.

Leaving Pets at Home

Unfortunately, some buyers may be scared of pets, (yes, even your cute little yorkie), or they might have allergies. It’s important not to just crate your dog or cat during showings; instead, take them with you or drop them off with a neighbor while buyers are viewing the house. Make sure to put away your pet’s things in an unseen location and vacuum up the pet hair before each showing!