Updates That Buyers Are Looking For

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Real Estate market is a very competitive environment that can yield a very high return, but only if a property has the right amenities. Here are some items that buyers will be willing to pay top dollar.


High efficiency windows, appliances and mechanics– These are big ticket items that buyers will be more likely to pay over market value to obtain


First Floor Laundry– Having a washer and a Dryer set up in a basement area will not deter most buyers but if you planning on updating your current space, you should definitely consider leaving some square footage for a laundry room.


Hardwood Floors– Offer a cleaner more modern look that buyers will be interested in. Hardwood floors should last a lifetime, allowing the consumer to refinish the floors at least twice during the duration of use.

Outside Entertainment Area- This update will allow the buyer to envision having family and friends over to their new home. There are many designs and materials that are cost effective to create an entertainment space to best utilize your outdoor square-footage.

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